February 2018  
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From the Vicar


Christ Church of Red Hook is an Episcopal Church located in the historic Hudson Valley. The parish was founded in 1855 by its first Rector, the Rev. Henry DeKoven (the older brother of the Rev. Dr. James DeKoven, who is commemorated by the Episcopal Church on March 22 each year). The Church was consecrated by Bishop Potter on June 21, 1855. Since its foundation, Christ Church has faithfully served Red Hook and its surrounding areas.

Our building is historic. It was designed by the well-known ecclesiastical architect Richard Upjohn in the style of Carpenter Gothic. Our parish is, to this day, one of the finest examples of this architecture in the mid-Hudson Valley. Repairs have been made, historically, with a commitment to the esthetic integrity of the building.

At present, Christ Church is an active parish in the Diocese of New York, and we regularly offer two services on Sunday morning. At 8:00, Holy Eucharist Rite I is celebrated without music; at 10:00, Holy Eucharist Rite II is celebrated with hymns and musical anthems. On occasion, guests join us at 10:00 to enrich our worship with their offerings of instrumental or vocal music.

Major Feasts of the Church are celebrated in the evenings, and we offer a quarterly Evensong. Our winter Evensong will be held on Sunday evening, the fourth Sunday in Advent, and it is the traditional Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Specifics regarding these special events can be found on the calendar page of our website.

Christian education for children is taught using the “Godly Play” curriculum, a Montessori-based program which is interactive and experiential. We currently have four teachers trained in Godly Play, and we will look forward to registering new (and returning) students (aged 3 to 10 years) each and every fall, but feel free to drop in on any Sunday during the school year.  We also have agroup of teens, who produce their own take on the weeks lessons in the form of a skit or short play, placing a modern interpretatin on old favortites for everyone in Sunday School to enjoy. To speak with a teacher or to register your child, please contact either the parish rectory at 845-758-159, or our teachers using the Godly Play page here on the website. Someone will return your call as soon as possible. We are excited to tell you about this lively program for our youngest Christians.

Adult education is based in an interactive, lecture-style format and has included book discussions, examination of the Book of Common Prayer (its structure and rites), and we have engaged the Scriptural foundations of Holy Week in a past Lenten discussion. Similar programs will be offered and announced in the early fall.

We look forward to welcoming you into our parish community. We are an inclusive community which embraces parishioners from all walks of life, and we are eager to share with you the love of God in Christ.