November 2017  
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The Reverend Ryan Lesh, after 10 years has moved to pursue a wonderful opportunity at the university of Virginia, and the congregation all wish him well. The position for a new priest in charge is temporarily vacant, while we search for a new occupant of the post.  We fully expect to have a new priest sometime later this this space.

In the meantime, services continue as usual with a host of supply priests, so come and sample the different styles each week; we look forward to welcoming you.

Search Committee Chair

Damien Lloyd Payne

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Pleaes use the email address or the telephone number above to convey anything you wish the search committee to take into consideration.  We are interested in your opinions on the new priest in charge - liturgical or social.  Please be aware that all communications can be kept annonymous if you wish, but in all cases will be kept in strict confideniality, so feel free to express what you want from a new priest in charge.


The Rev'd Deacon Linda Duval

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Senior Warden

Dave Nandor

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Junior Warden

Ed Wilbeck

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Jean Bard

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Sunday School Chair

Louise Lloyd Payne

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