3rd Sunday of Easter
Delivered By
Br. Randy Greve
Delivered On
April 26, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
Like the pair on the way to Emmaus in the Gospel reading, I am also, like so many, filled with a mix of bewilderment and resignation at times.  The recognition of the risen Christ in their presence fills the pair with joy and excitement, but we remember that the work is just beginning and will be filled with trials as well as joys.  The Easter season celebrates the ultimate triumph of life over death, reconciliation over suffering, hope over despair.  Yet we live in a groaning and fractured world where this Easter promise can seem lost or forgotten and the future full of uncertainties.  Our journey is to grief that is not given up to despair, suffering that is not the last word.  The world's motto is, "we will get through this".  As Christians we say much more than that.  We say Christ has conquered death and the grave so that we can await with hope more than merely "getting through", but a new heaven and a new earth where there is no more mourning or crying or pain or death.  Jesus identified with the pain of those he met because he had come from a world and was returning to a world that knew only the bliss of perfection.  He knew what a foreign and evil force suffering was in his world.  His care was more than relieving suffering, but eradicating, obliterating, and annihilating it forever.  That is what happens when the tomb is empty.  Our faithfulness, which is being tried in these days, is about whether we can live in the reality of what we do not see so that our eyes can be opened to what is before us.
May you all continue in safety and good health,
Br. Randy